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Find here various questions about the electrical accreditation regulations, trainings in general, funding, etc.

Yes, the electrical accreditation is a French regulatory requirement.

To operate on electrical installations, an individual has to be accreditated.

An electrical accreditation has to be refreshed every 3 years. Beyond this deadline, a new initial accreditation is mandatory.

The employer accreditates his staff and signs up the accrediation title. 

No, you cannot "accreditate yourself" and you also have to respect the recommendations of the NFC18-510 standard by attending an electrical accreditation training. You will then provide your different employers, the training certificate mentioning the target grades and results of the training theoretical and practice assessments.

The signatory has changed. Your new employer has to check your accreditation validity and the accrediation title-duties consistence.

Yes, since the companies for which you will operate have to check if you have received a training corresponding to the duties that are assigned to you.

The companies will then provide you an accreditation title for the duration of the mission.

You must comply with the French law and accreditate your staff according to the NFC18-510 standard.

Yes, your employer has to accreditate you if you are exposed to electrical risks.

Make sure that the employees of this company are accreditated and that the levels are consistent with the duties they are to be assigned.

Being a volunteer and not being employed, you are not governed by the labour code.

However, you have to face the same electrical risk as an employee.

We recommed you to perform a training for preventing electrical risks.

At the end of the training, subject to a test, we will send you our "accreditation proposal" containing all the necessary information for your employer to issue the accreditation title.


  • Acfitec is a recognized body registered at the Direccte (Prefecture of Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, FRANCE).
  • The trainings are compliant to the NFC18-510 standard and to the CNAM-CARSAT and INRS reference documentation concerning the durations and contents.
  • Our trainer skills are proven.

You can thus apply for an OPCA (French join commission for collective training), a DIF (French individual training right), a Pôle Emploi (French employment centre) or an other European institution support of part/all the training fee.
(the institutions are still decisionmakers concerning supporting or not your training)

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