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The electrical accreditation has become a regulatory requirement, indeed, only the persons that have been accreditated by the employer, following a training on the risk prevention, can perform electrical works.

Better understanding the electrical accreditation and the NFC18-510

By providing an electrical accreditation, the employer recognizes his/her staff capacity to perform safely operations on or in vicinity of electrical installations in complete safe way.

The electrical accreditation is governed by the NFC18-510, a compilation of prescriptions that establishes the obligations and responsibilities of the directors and interveners. Anyone approaching or manipulating electrical installations has to folow a training adapted to the tasks assigned to him/her.

This training aims to heighten awareness of the trainee about the risks of the electrical hazard. The training must consist in a theoretical part and a practical part. Following the training session and subject to the trainee passing the tests, the training centre makes a proposal of electrical accreditation.

As recommended by the NFC15810, the employer accreditates his/her staff by providing him/her a detailed and personal electrical accreditation. Be careful, holding an electrical accreditation does not allow the habilitate staff to take the lead of an intervention, he/she has to be designated by his/her employer.

ACFITEC, France Electrical Accreditation

The training centre, ACFITEC, provides numerous "inter-company" trainings (only in French language) in Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Lyon ou Bordeaux and in « Intra » (your premises, various languages provided). Thanks to its experience and its famous references, ACFITEC has become a major actor in the electrical accreditation and training for trainers fields. ACFITEC, a specialist and reference in the electrical accreditation  field also provides « skill » trainings which are essentials to master the production tools and processes.

ACFITEC has positioned itself on the market by providing complete and professional electrical accreditation trainings for trainers.

Through its online store, ACFITEC, with its strong experience in the use and test of the equipments specific to electrical risks offers a selection of PPE meeting the requirements of the NFC18-510 standard.


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