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Learning material

ACFITEC looked forward to the new NFC18-510 standard and has been in measure to invest and build learning supports that are perfectly adapted to the different electrical accreditation grades.

[The NFC18-510 standard imposes a "practical" part representing 25% of the whole training session duration.]

The Low and High Voltage Truck

2 fed and autonomous areas, separated by a communication gate with the mandatory displays:

  • Intervention platform with low voltage switch boxes (single-phase alternating 230Volts)
  • High voltage transformer station

VAT (Testing for absence of voltage device) on 20KV high voltage transformers and cells

Installation of a Blanket and implementation of earthing and short-circuit

Exercises on LGVM cabinets and EDF switchboard



The mobile unit (the trailer)


Equipment Grade Setting up
High Voltage Cell HC, H1, H2, HE  
LGVM power cabinet, 600A circuit breaker BC, B2V  
Tertiary section cabinet BR, BE Measurement, BE Check, BE Tests Scheme Reading
Component changing
Feed circuit for three-phase electrical motor BC, BR, BS Motor changing with
Circuit breaker assembly with/wihout vicinity BE Maneuver, BC, BS Maneuver and lock-out operation
PPE assembly and equipment for signaling the area Any grades E.g.: Electrical safe watcher role




Desk electric boards

Available stock: 10 boards (= 20 trainees)

Circuit breaker changing
Search and location of electrical failures
Implementation of personal protective equipments (PPEs)
Lock-out procedure, stopping
Testing for absence of voltage (VAT)
Check testing by control devices (VAT type) with testing of the differential system


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