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NFC18-510 and implementation

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JULY 2010: The electrical accreditation becomes mandatory.

2010-1016 to 1018 and 1118 decrees make the electrical accreditation mandatory for any person operating in electricity (employee, craftsman, independent etc.)

DECEMBER 2011: The NFC18-510 standard is approved.

On 21 December 2011, the UTE U21 commission, after a long work and public study, validates and approves the NFC18-510 standard reshaping the whole electrical accreditation rules on all the levels and voltage fields.

The NFC18-510 standard and its guides result from the revision of the 1988 UTE C18-510 booklet, « Recueil d’instructions générales de sécurité d’ordre électrique » (Electricity-related general instruction booklet).

APRIL 2012: The NFC18-510 standard is applicable.

The 26 April 2012 resolution laying down the implementation of the NFC18-510 STANDARD is published!

Despite a « misprint » announcing an approval on 21 December 2012 (one should read 2011), the resolution is applicable since 27 April 2012.

ALL THE TRAININGS proposed by ACFITEC will give right to the providing of accreditation proposals according to the NFC18-510.

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